Wednesday, 29 September 2010


I know what you're thinking.... "wow nearly October already and I still haven't figured out what decorations to make for Halloween yet" no fear, my friends, no fear. Or in actual fact YIKES BIG FEAR, because I have here ready to unleash onto the world 4 of the most terrifying and ghoulish spectres the likes of which you will have never seen. That's right, just wave these sacry little fellas under the noses of any trick or treaters and they will literally run screaming to the other end of the street, n'er to darken your doorstep again. Ahem, well that's the theory. TEAM HALLOWEEN is another fun print and make at home project and is yours for just £2.50/$3.95 from

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A super fun styling job

A friend of a friend asked me to lend a hand styling her wedding: She had quite a simple request: 300 pink tissue paper pompoms to be suspended from the ceiling of the marquee. Now, I don't know if any of you have ever made one of these pompoms but they do take a bit of a careful hand - too much haste/impatience results in a pile of torn paper and a hissy fit. Fortunately I had a fair few visitors popping in during the weeks before the wedding and anyone who stepped over the threshold was handed a pile of pink tissue paper and was given a quick lesson. The house took on quite a different hue during those weeks, with the pink bundles of fluff lining every room....

even the cat got involved, though am not sure making a little bed out of them really helped the cause.

eventually after carefully stringing the pompoms into a van and driving to Essex...

we finally got them up in situ with the assistance of a very nice marquee guy with a very tall ladder. Job done! Bride and groom were delighted and the guests all helped themselves to the pompoms after the wedding was over - little fluffy mementos of the happy day.