Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A super fun styling job

A friend of a friend asked me to lend a hand styling her wedding: She had quite a simple request: 300 pink tissue paper pompoms to be suspended from the ceiling of the marquee. Now, I don't know if any of you have ever made one of these pompoms but they do take a bit of a careful hand - too much haste/impatience results in a pile of torn paper and a hissy fit. Fortunately I had a fair few visitors popping in during the weeks before the wedding and anyone who stepped over the threshold was handed a pile of pink tissue paper and was given a quick lesson. The house took on quite a different hue during those weeks, with the pink bundles of fluff lining every room....

even the cat got involved, though am not sure making a little bed out of them really helped the cause.

eventually after carefully stringing the pompoms into a van and driving to Essex...

we finally got them up in situ with the assistance of a very nice marquee guy with a very tall ladder. Job done! Bride and groom were delighted and the guests all helped themselves to the pompoms after the wedding was over - little fluffy mementos of the happy day.


  1. Looks absolutely fabulous!! The cat looks cute to! x

  2. wwwwwoooooaaaah!!! like a fairytale <3

  3. it is beautiful ... I LOVE it !!

  4. oh wow!pleeeeeeeease can you tell me where you got them from!! i really want them for my wedding in may! xxx