Thursday, 21 October 2010

2010 Advent Calendar

Sneak peek at our 2010 advent calendar - just released on It's a free giveaway with any download purchased from the site. Super quick and easy to make, it has cute, un-chintzy images behind the doors and although it doesn't come bearing chocolates, it will hopefully give you a smug little 'Yay...I made that' feeling.


  1. Hi Mibo team - just got mine with the Halloween team order. Thanks! I added a little extra for my kids, by printing the images three times. Twice on sticker paper and once as a back ground. By adding an extra layer of thin cardboard between the back and the front I created more "depth" behind each little door. Just enough room for two's a bit of a cutting job but with a nice result!

  2. Hola! estará disponible para descargar para esta navidad el calendario de adviento? Nos divertimos mucho el año pasado!

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